How Does Maleega Work?

Summary Area

Instead of spending time reading dozens of emails in a thread to catch up, Maleega provides a summary area for each thread.

This means reading a single page instead of an entire thread, saving you time. Go ahead, click on the emails tab in this demo to see how many emails don't have to be read.

This summary can also be used to find out resolutions made weeks or months ago. Instead of searching an entire thread, you only need to read the summary.

Side Conversations

Are your email threads getting messy because reply and reply all messages are mixed in?

Maleega solves that problem by making reply all the default option.

To reply to a single individual or subset of individuals, an option to start a side conversation is available.

Custom Filters

Maleega provides you with the power to define how your emails are filtered. With simple, yet powerful rules, you can ensure that you'll always see the emails you want to see.
maleega lets you choose how emails are handled

How Maleega Works With Your Existing Email Account

When you set up your account with Maleega, you will be asked to provide credentials for your existing email account. Maleega will then start synchronizing your messages and any emails you send from Maleega will come from that account.

Sign Up For The Beta

Maleega is scheduled to start Beta testing in November 2017. Try it out for free and influence the product that will make you more productive!