Overwhelmed By Your Inbox?

Maleega makes it easier to deal with your email

Keep up with your most important emails without having to read and act on every single one.
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How Does Maleega Help?

Opt-In To Emails

Anyone can send you an email, which happens to mean anyone can give you work to do.

Maleega changes this by providing you an easy way to control what's considered an important email that you actually need to look at.
maleega lets you choose how emails are handled
screenshot of todo section

Todo Digests

Our email is our Todo list, but managing it takes more than having a "Todo" folder or label we don't check.

Maleega also provides a Todo digest email sent to you at a time of your choosing. This way you are always reminded about the things you need to do, whether you are in the Maleega app or using your old email client.

Manage Attachments Better

We've all wasted time trying to find an attachment. Which email in this thread has my attachment? Oh, it looks like several emails have the same attachment. Which is the latest version?

Maleega provides you a single place to view your attachments and will group similar ones together.
maleega puts all your attachments in a single place
screenshot of summary section

Email thread summaries and overviews

Maleega helps you keep track of decisions and important take-aways from long email threads. You spend less time catching up on email and more time getting work done.

Works With Your Existing Email Account

Maleega is an email client that works with your existing email account. That means you do not need to waste time switching from your existing email service.

Your emails will exist in your email account. If you decide to stop using Maleega, you will still have access to your data.
maleega acts as a proxy for your email

Want to try it out?

Maleega is currently in beta testing! Try it out for free and influence the product that will make you more productive.
Please note that currently Maleega is a web based client that does not have mobile support yet.