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How Does Maleega Help?

Take Full Control of Your Inbox

Anyone can send you an email, which happens to mean anyone can give you work to do.

Maleega changes this by providing you an easy way to control what's considered an important email that you actually need to look at.

You can make sure only people you've contacted get their emails marked important. And you can choose to give new contacts a chance to get your attention, until you ignore them.

You make these choices, not some AI algorithm.
maleega lets you choose how emails are handled

screenshot of todo section

Advanced Todo Lists

Our email is our Todo list, but managing it takes more than having a "Todo" folder or label.

Maleega's Todo List come with analytics about your Todo Items, convenient batch delete functions in case you need a reset, and daily digests for those of us who forget to check our Todo Lists.

Designed For Your Convenience

Maleega comes with many other features to help remind you of tasks, keep track of notes, and find your attachments.

Your email client should work for you. You shouldn't have to work for your email.

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Please note that currently Maleega is a web based client that does not have mobile support yet.